About Me: I left Wales 20 years ago and have lived in the US ever since. Reason for the move was a job transfer like a lot of others I suppose. I like living in the US and because of my job, which has gone very well by the way I get to travel quite a bit. I am single and would like to take contact with any other ex pats in my area pof the world.

Where I Live: I have lived in New Jersey (South Jersey near Philadelphia) for 20 years. The location is great. Close to the shore, New York, and some great pubs and restaurants in Phili.

Where I Work: I am a regional director for a Belgium food company and am based in Cherry Hill, NJ. I travel to Belgium 4-5 times a year and always try to combine this with a visit to Wales where I have a sister living in Laleston. We're both into golf so she gets to beat me pretty often

Email: deejayw1950@cs.com: I grew up in Aberavon, right on the beach! I went to Sandfields Comprehensive in the early days when it was quite new and the teachers were terrific. I of course played rugby and was a contemporary of Alan Martin. From there I went to Glamorgan Polytechnic in Treforest.

What I Miss: What I miss the most is the friendliness of the Welsh people and the village atmosphere with the pubs etc. There is nothing quite like it.

Denis Wellington
Date of birth -04-06-50 - Aberavon
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